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Founded in 1990 by chemical engineer Pierre Casoli, Emball’iso designs, manufactures, tests and qualifies temperature controlled packaging, working in partnership with and the confidence of major pharmaceutical groups for the protection of their thermolabile products in transit.

Emball’iso offers:

  • an international presence to support you in your projects with its factories and personnel in Europe and Asia
  • an engineering and design department equipped with a number of climate chambers
  • a R&D facility which studies and develops solutions for the future
  • commitment to continuous improvement, efficiency and quality resulting in accreditation to Iso 9001:2008 (France, UK, USA, Germany, China, Singapore)
  • growing business turnover with 40% of production now exported

Emball’iso continued to demonstrate its commitment to its development: the company invested more than 4.5 million euros in the building of new premises to satisfy the growth of its major clients, to enhance production efficiency and to forge have correct fire and safety standards. The whole team moved to the new premises in July 2009.

Emball'Iso in the world
Emball'Iso in The World

Emballiso has sought to leverage its expertise and capabilities by identifying and establishing key partnerships, which add value to the service we can offer our customers:

Afatek Logo

Afatek : A specialist in refrigeration equipment, Afatek has extensive experience in this domain, can provide all levels of technical support for your refrigeration projects: site studies to turn key facilities, maintenance, electronic surveillance, etc…

National commissions

Emball’iso supported the Association Française de Normalisation both materially and financially, in the creation and publication of specific standards concerning the validation of isothermal packaging, the companys team members participating as experts in the monthly commission.


Emball'iso continued its commitment to the advancement of Best Practice by providing technical expeptise to the French Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, participating in its various commissions and the publication of the practical guide “Cold chain for Medicine” (Chaîne du froid pour le Medicament) for pharmacists in charge of logistics and quality in pharmaceutical companies.

The company supports and pursues Good Distribution Practice globally, with membership of international organisations such as the (American) Parenteral Drug Association (PDA), editorial and speaking engagements around the world.
Environement & recycling

At Emball’iso we are committer to the reduction of our impact on the environment.

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The new premises were designed accordingly:

  • Heating and air conditioning are entirely powered by a geothermal system (heat pump using the water table)
  • The premises conform to RT2005 standards for thermal insulation
  • The zenithal lighting in the production area makes maximum use of natural light to keep energy consumption down and provide a pleasant working environment.
  • the factory has been equipped with macerators and compressor to capture and compact polystyrene waste to the maximum. Pure PS waste is backloaded to Isopor, our German subsidiary, for the production of building insulation. Laminated PS waste is converted into fuel briquettes sold for use in industrial furnaces, where it is valued for a calorific value higher than that of coal, and its inert combustion products.

Logo PSEMany years ago we also took the decision to work with polystyrene which has excellent insulating properties and better environmental properties than other materials:

  • Polystyrene foam is recyclable after waste separation
  • It is a thermo-plastic material which is re-introduced into the manufacturing cycle unlike polyurethane which cannot be reformed
  • It can be recycled for other tapplications such as underfloor insulation, lighter concrete, the production of insulating paint, etc…
  • The low weight of polystyrene foam allows lighter packaging therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions during road transport of goods.Its combustion in boiler rooms and in sorted waste disposals emits much more energy than wood
    Tableau Combustion Polystyrène
  • Burning polystyrene foam emits no hydrocyanic acid and very little carbon monoxide,  unlike polyurethane

ISO 14001 V 2004 certified by the LQRA

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