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Design office

Our research department and metrology laboratory is:

  • an Iso9001V2000 certified laboratory
  • 4 engineers & full time technicians at your service
  • more than 300m2 of dedicated lab space
  • 6 climate chambers ranging from 250l to 18m3
  • + than 80 probes/channels calibrated to national standards to guarantee an accurate and reproducible result 
  • multi-loop condensors programmable to of all types of hygrometric (10 to 90%) and temperature conditions (from -25 to +60°C) simultaneously
  • data acquisition interfaces secure data in raw digital form; software tools facilitate analysis of the results
  • A validation protocol established conforming to NFS 99 700 standards
  • A CNC cutting machine and a digitally controlled hot wire cutter permit rapid and precise prototyping for tests and samples
  • Other items such as: a conductimeter, a standard thermometer and a calibration equipment itself calibrated to National standards.

Different steps of a study^

- Qualification, specification :

  • the type (variety), volume and dimensions of products to be transported; (configuration and permutations can  be optimised with packaging software)
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  • the range of storage temperatures of the products
  • logistic factors (destination, transit points, durations, mode(s) of transport)
  • packing and dispatch (equipment, handling, conditions, manpower etc)
  • temperature cycles, seasonality

2 - Design, prototyping (3D digital and/or real physical model)^


This step allows to:

  • 3D modelling or prototyping
    PDFPDF 3D & Animated - requires Adobe Reader
  • Tests in climate chambers
  • Optimization of the packing operation (positioning the briquettes, product picking system, etc…)    -

3 - Packaging Qualification ^

After carrying out the tests, a validation report is written in line with the protocol agreed (NF IATA …); this report proves that the solution matches the specifications set.
PDFPDF - Requires Adobe Reader

It includes:

  • your specification
  • a description of the isothermal system with graphics
  • the equipment and products used
  • the test procedure, protocol
  • temperature in tabular and graph form
    PDF PDF - Requires Adobe Reader
  • the results and conclusions of the tests
  • calibration certificate(s)
    PDF PDF - Requires Adobe Reader
  • the packaging instructions and data sheets
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All this data is sent to you on paper and CD



Research & development

The Research Department also conducts blue sky research into new materials and technologies, studies existing and proposed packaging arrangements and requirements.

Emball'iso dedicates a significant budget to research and development, applying expertise both in and out of house, notably that of universities and the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research).

The R&D department provides support to the business and its affiliates in numerous domains:

  • The analysis and monitoring of the insulation properties (thermal conductivity) of materials used.
  • Testing of physical properties, compressive, bending etc…
  • Analysis of the cell structure of insulating materials by digital and scanning electron microscopy
  • Research for special requirements (adhesives etc.)

Emball'iso focuses its research on new generations of insulation materials and phase change materials.

Its objective is to support the Pharmaceutical & Biotech industries in the development of their products and of the heightened requirement that these be preserved in optimum condition in the supply chain.


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